Monday, August 2, 2010

ArenaNet thus far has been an awesome experience and I am happy to say that I have been recognized by my boss as an integral team-member in implementing great sound for Guild Wars 2, one of, if not the largest MMO ever (with no monthly fees!).  We have been working hard on the demo which will be debuted at GamesCom 2010.  You can check out a sneak peak of the caliber of sound design one can expect from the in-game experience via the videos my boss, James Ackley (Lead Sound Designer at ArenaNet) has laboriously put together, available on the Guild Wars 2 website.  These videos are great in that all the materials are straight from game dynamics as is much of the sound, a quality that has yet to be seen in any MMO to-date.  A big thanks goes to both James and Drew Cady for giving me this great opportunity and a chance to show my dedication and enthusiasm for great game audio in a professional, highly-collaborative setting where I can grow in both my ability to design sound as well as implement and craft useful tools therein.  Who could ask for more!?